Southern Oregon Humane Society

Southern Oregon Humane Society in Jackson County functions as a nongovernmental organisation since 1928 for complete pet care of animals like cats and dogs. More than 700 animals have found a new shelter here and with the adoption programs a new permanent home awaits for these pets.

Southern Oregon Humane Society was formed provides the following service for pet care

  • Shelter and adoption programs for displaced pets.

Animals are extremely sensitive to emotions. Hundreds of pet owners adopt pets without caring much about their requirements and later abandon them. Animals like pets and dogs suffer the most as they are ill-treated on streets as stray animals.  Southern Oregon Humane Society is concerned particularly for such animals to ensure the best pet care for them.

The centre has shelters to protect and take care of pets like cats and dogs in the most conducive environment. If these pets win the empathy of pet adopters, they become a part of families and begin a new happy life. Adoption is possible at Southern Oregon Humane Society under full scrutiny and a thorough communication between pet adopters and the centre.

  • Special Pet Services

At Southern Oregon Human Society it is not only about love the pets. Pet care is of  utmost importance to the centre and for this reason it extends special services for pets. One of this special services is taking care of health requirements of the pet. Neglected health problems of the pets are one of the major reasosn of their deaths.

Southern Oregon Humane Society offers pet services like spay/ neuter, regular vaccinations, prevention of flea and ticks, watch Microchip and similar products and services. The centre ensures complete health care of cats and dogs by carefully providing the required treatment under careful conditions.

  • No euthanasia

Southern Oregon Humane Society has a strong hold on nourishing the lives of the the cats and dogs by taking care of all their needs. As such the centre does not believe in taking away their lives and does not support the euthanasia methods in any ways.

The centre provides several services that make pet care very simple and convenient. Southern Oregon Humane Society also encourages pet owners and pet adopters to oppose euthanasia and let these innocent live their life. In order to prevent a painful death, the centre has up to date techniques and medical services to help pets live longer and healthier.

  • Educating about pet care

This pet care organisation has always been seeking to find new and improved methods to spread pet care education amongst the public. Sothern Oregon Human Society for this reason aims to raise awareness about pet animals and how to take care of them.

An education person of pets is not  easy as they are often considered cute creatures only to be adored. By generating interesting stories, opinions about pet adopters and other creative ways Southern Oregon Humane Society helps the people to be educated on such issues.

In the future the Southern Oregon Humane Society would like to open state of art centres for cats and dogs to provide special privileged services for such pets.

Southern Oregon Humane Society

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