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Pet cruelty is a very serious issue worldwide and many countries being sensitive to pet have started human societies to ensure their complete care. In America the leading Humane societies in Oregon have proven that it is possible to save animals from cruelty. Training pet adopters and the common people on pet care is one of the main goal of Humane Societies in Oregon.

Some of the renowned Human Societies in Oregon are:

Humane Society of Central Oregon

Humane society Central Oregon is a complete pet adoption and service centre and has been in the picture for more than 50 years. This centre is renowned to compassionately raise awareness and educate people about pet care especially cats and dogs through its special programs. The organisation takes care of 4000 cats and dogs.

Some of the special services of Humane Society in Oregon Central include

  • Providing shelter to pets
  • Pet adoption services
  • Gif packages for complete pet care
  • Find lost pets
  • Spay and Neuter programs
  • Dog licencing and cat Id tags
  • Home nursing facilities for sick pets

humane society oregon

Southern Oregon Humane Society

This centre takes care of more than 700 dogs and cats including the displaced ones. Humane Society of  Oregon south  follows a compassionate pet philosophy and takes a lot of care during pet adoption process and imparting pet education programs to people. The centre believes that beyond adoring cats and dogs it is also essential to pay attention to all their requirements especially health related.

Human society of Oregon South ensures complete pet care by providing the following services

  • Shelter and adoption programs.
  • Aiding displaced pets by keeping them in shelter and finding full placement.
  • Special pet services like flea and tick prevention, neuter and spay programs, vaccinations etc.
  • No euthanasia to restrict the lives of the pets.
  • Pet care education programs for pet adopters or any one on pet tours.
  • Volunteering services for pet lovers.

Humane Society Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon Humane society is another centre deeply involved with pet care. This organisation particularly takes care of the entire per adoption process through an elaborate procedure. This process ensure that all pets under the human society Portland Oregon are given to pet adopters who can compassionately take care of them.

Humane Society Portland Oregon ensures safe pet adoption in the following ways

  • Introducing pets to the family in a special get acquainted rooms
  • Special foster care services for lost displaced or abandoned pets
  • In depth interview to make sure pet adopters can meet the specific requirements of the pets
  • Adoption fee policy for pets of different ages, breed, behaviour etc

Over time the pet adoption system has become much organised with special thanks to the Human Societies. With special services from Humane Societies of Oregon, the pet adopters now understand that a pet is not only a playful cute creature, but a n new member of the family to be taken carefully. Humane Societies in Oregon specialise in providing pet education and training programs to pet adopters or anyone interesting in knowing about the pets. This has helped the pets to live in better safe and a happy environment.

southern oregon humane society medford

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