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Abandoned animals haven:Oregon Humane Society

 The Oregon Humane Society located at Portland, Oregon is a messiah in disguise for helpless animals and for pet-owners.Charles M. Schulz,the creator of the comic strip ‘Peanuts’ said, “Happiness is a warm puppy”.  The Oregon Humane Society extends the feeling of warmth to animals of all breeds and kinds.

The history Oregon Humane Society

Founded on 17th November 1868 by Dr.Thomas Lamb Eliot, the Humane Society at Oregon was the first of its kind in the country.  The shelter operates from Columbia Blvd., Portland. Dr.Eliot first started the society to protect draft animals from cruelty. Then from 1881 to 1933, it began working for the protection of children and pets. In 1921, the Society propagated the law of humane education in public schools in Oregon.

oregon humane society

Services provided by Oregon Humane Society

The Society works towards the welfare of all kinds of animals:rabbits,cats,dogs,horses.It takes care and rehabilitates abandoned and injured animals.

Rehabilation of abandoned animals.

Helping pet-owners find homes for their pets.

Putting up the shelter inmates for adoption.

Providing pet training sessions.

Assistance in finding lost pets.

Providing solutions for pet behavior problems

Assistance in spaying & neutering of pets.

Setting up pet memorials.

Investigation against animal cruelty.

Providing animal-assisted theraphy.

southern oregon humane

Volunteering services at Oregon Humane Society

The Humane Society provides oppurtunites to the community to participate in the welfare of the animals in the shelter. The volunteers are involved in all the operations the shelters. Pre-requisite for prospective volunteers is to purchase volunteer supplies.The cost for materials vary  for different categories of volunteers. Inviduals can also volunteer in groups. However group volunteering is done by scheduling  one-day visit.Youth volunteers ie volunteers in the age group of 12-17 have to

complete Oregon Humane Society online Youth Volunteer application.They also have to attend an Information Night and Mentor Session.

Oregon Humane Society Foster Care Services

The Society  lets volunteer to take up foster care of animals with special needs.Special needs animals include animals with medical or behavioral needs;animals under the eight weeks with special feedind needs;animals with nursing litters.By providing foster care at their own homee, volunteers enable the animals to adapt easily into their owners’ homes. Prospective volunteers have to fill up an application and attend Foster Care Classes to acquaint themselves with the policies of the Society.  The classes provides instruction on caring for the animals.

Funding at Oregon Humane Society

The Society does not receive any financial support from the Government or national organizatios. Oregon Humane Society  is a not for profit independent organization. It is funded majorly by individual voluntary donations and from business  organizations.Also the Society urges the community  to donate certain items useful for the shelter. All the monetory contributions are tax-deductible.

Oregon Humane Society investigation in Portland Aquarium

Recently the Oregon Humane Society  has been in news for investigation of 200 marine animals in Potland Aquarium. Apparently the aquarium failed to conduct veterinary visits at regular intervals for the animals. In order to cut costs ,the aquarium did not quarantine new arrivals. Also it avoided emergency treatment of the marine inmates.

More details of the Oregon Humane Society can be obtained from their website http://www.oregonhumane.org. The website has all the volunteer application forms.It also has  a online form for adopting animals. The information collected is used to match a prospective pet owner with a compatible pet.

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